Dear Dan:
It sounds like what you want to do is set up a subaward with CSIR.

With a subaward all grant money is awarded to Kent State University. A contract is set up between Dr. Agada’s institution and Kent State. Kent State manages the grant and forwards payment to Dr. Agada’s institution for his services and expenses. In order to set up a subaward –we will require an approved budget from the institution, budget justification, statement of work and institutional letter of agreement. These are all standard documents – and I would be happy to work with Dr. Agada and his institution’s research office to do the necessary paper work.

Another option would to pay Dr. Agada directly from the grant as a consultant. Dr. Agada’s work would have to be independent of the resources of his institution were he to be designated a consultant. I would have to review the proposal guidelines to make sure that Dr. Agada’s participation would qualify for consultant payments. Also –there will be tax consequences to Dr. Agada if payments are set up this way.( From your email –it seems to me that what you want is a subaward agreement with CSIR and not a consultant arrangement.)

The short answer is that it can be done. Hope this helps. I will be happy to assist with developing your budget and am available to meet with you at your convenience. We can also do by telephone –my direct line is x2-0700.


From: Roland, Daniel
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Hi Bev,

Thanks for the reply while you are vacation. Sorry to have bothered you. As it turns out, Dr. Agada cannot participate in the conference call anyway. Dr. Wicks and I are going to meet with Rosemary Dumount and just do some brainstorming and organizing on Tuesday. If we could get an answer sometime soon regarding the question of how Dr. Agada might participate, that would be great. Something like an affiliate researcher with CSIR?


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Hi Dan –
I am currently on vacation until 8/3. I’m copying Diana Skok in our office on this reply – if Diana cannot help you, she can pass it along.
Thanks - Bev

From: Roland, Daniel
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Subject: Working on a grant proposal

Good morning Bev,

The Center for the Study of Information and Religion is working to submit an initial letter letter of proposal regarding a potential grant later this fall. The initial letter is due to the funding agency by August 1 and is to be no more than 4 pages. I am contacting you because Don Wicks and I are working with a third academic from another school, Dr. John Agada, currently at Emporia State University and soon to be at Chicago State University. All three of us would be primary investigators.

One question that has come up has to do with how we can make sure that any grant funding comes only to Kent State University, but would also cover any expenses incurred by Dr. Agada regarding his participation in the research project if we were to win the grant. We are hoping that you have the answer to this question.

We are planning a conference call this Tuesday at 10:30 and were wondering if you would like to participate. Dr. Wicks and I could meet in your office if you like or we could meet at SLIS, if you are available and wish to participate.