Brainstorming ideas about PCRI grant

May 22, 2009

John and Dan

1. Congregational analysis for social networking and business networking. Comparing a new congregation vs. an old congregation. Do congregational members do business with each other?
2. Political impact – in Nigeria – Muslim/Christian divide. Political issues are often determined by religious allegiances.
3. Question 3.2 works very well for John and his contacts.

We need to tie our proposal to prior research experience and skills.

Sermon analysis:
1. Why did you choose to preach about AIDS, poverty, injustice, etc.?
2. How did you link this sermon to the Bible?
3. How did you relate this message to the needs of the congregation?

How do Pentecostal pastors make sense of AIDS in Nigeria? What resources do they get from the Bible? What consolation do they give their congregations?

How do Pentecostals differentiate their message from Catholic charismatic’s in Nigeria?

How many pastors to interview?

John has a cousin who is a television evangelist and is also a doctor.
We could get video and use this for the proposal.

John is a friend with the national director of AIDS prevention project in Nigeria. We could interview him for his insights on what the churches in Nigeria are currently doing, could do better, etc., in relation to AIDS.

What if John is an affiliate researcher of the CSIR? An advisor, consultant.

Get an academic in Nigeria to partner with us to strengthen the proposal.

June 9, 2009

Prof. John Adoko – AIDS Project in Nigeria

We need to get letters from the folks in Nigeria to submit with the August 1 proposal to demonstrate we have their cooperation.