Prepared and submitted by Dan Roland

Debrief the Fall 2011 Symposium

Open the noon event to the public?
Move to more of an online platform?
MediaSite - just need to market it better

Trying to get Taylor to talk about information theory
Need to have a dialog with the speaker before hand
Develop a document to give to speakers before hand in order to better communicate

Call for papers
Need to keep pushing
2 submissions to date

Darin - grant template
Support for: events, research, scholarships
Special meeting date to hash out:
Figure out who we are

Fall 2012 Symposium
Honors College Funding - they have $30,000 available for special speakers
Akron Round Table - Flo knows someone on the board

Create a CSIR Advisory Board
Twice yearly meetings
Paul Gaston - former Provost and current lay speaker in Anglican church
I recommend Dan Schoemer
Peter Ochs
Carisse Berryhill - Abeline Christian - 2012 Conference speaker

Other organizations similar to CSIR
Baylor Institute for Faith and Learning

Current Research Projects
Don and Darin - children books and illustration
Darin - social capital
Dan and Dave - RAVE project
Dan - variety of things

Next meeting date - 11/10 at 10 a.m. - funding discussion
12/1/2011 - 1 p.m.