Abstract: The proposal is to study the affects of information technology to facilitate knowledge management with local church congregations and their communities. An open source customer relations management (CRM) system will be modified for use in local congregations. Clergy, church administrators, congregational and community members will be trained in the use of the CRM system. The overall goals for the use of the CRM system are to 1.) Create a knowledge base to assist new clergy members assigned to congregations, 2.) Facilitate a web-based database of congregational records that can be accessed and updated by various congregational leaders, officers, and members, and 3.) Facilitate community involvement through a web-based listing of volunteers and volunteer opportunities. Congregational variables to be studied include, but not limited to rural/urban location, congregational size, and ethnicity.

Potential Partners:
The Center for the Study of Information and Religion (CSIR)
The Mid-Kentucky Presbytery
The Ohio Valley Presbytery
The Information Architecture/Knowledge Management Program (IAKM)
Dr. Frank Lambert – community informatics
Standing Rock Partners, LLC

Potential Funding Sources:
The Institute for Museums and Library Science (IMLS)
The Louisville Institute
The Lily Foundation

Detail briefs:

1. Six congregations will be identified and selected for a three-year study on the effects of web-based information technology on knowledge management practices within local congregations and communities. Congregations will be selected to allow for a diversity of location, size, ethnic membership, and socio-economic considerations.
2. Standing Rock Partners will provide a one or two day training event for clergy and church administrators on the use of the CRM system.

3. The CRM system will include a webpage from which church secretaries, pastors, etc., can enter, retrieve, edit, update membership information. This page would include fields for last name, first name, phone number for home, work, and cell, email address, mailing address, birth date, etc. This would need to be the primary data entry page in the program so that no record of an individual could be entered anywhere else in the database without a record first being established from this page. This will require records for non-church members so an option field must be included with the options for member, pre-confirmation, visitor, relative of member, non-member, etc., - may need to brainstorm a bit more on field values.
4. The CRM will include a page that would serve to establish relationships between church members and other people affiliated with the congregation. So there would be a drop down menu from which the name, "Roland, Dan" could be selected, then another drop down menu from which could be selected the following options: "Is the father of", "is the husband of," "is the son of" and then another drop down menu from which could be selected names of people related to the first person and these relationships established.
5. Another page would be for recording events such as baptisms, confirmations, funerals, hospital calls, weddings, etc.
6. A page to record donations. This would need to be set up with security so that only the financial secretary and pastor can see it. Need to be able to enter data by name, date, amount, account - e.g., general fund, building fund, youth group, mission fund, etc. Church members should be able to access their account to see their donation record.
7. A page to record physical upkeep events for the church building, e.g., on a certain date a new roof was installed, on another date termite treatment was conducted, etc. The pastor, church secretary, chair of trustees, etc., should be able to access and update records.
8. A page for persons to enter information about their talents, skills, interests, etc., in order to facilitate networking between people in re volunteering and social opportunities.
9. A page for internal and external groups to list events and volunteer opportunities with in the congregation and the community.

10. Standing Rock Partners will host the CRM system with its web hosting service so there will be no additional costs for congregations. This will also facilitate ease of support and maintenance.

11. Standing Rock Partners will provide ongoing support for CRM users.