Grace Brinker


  • Bachelors of Science in Marketing, minors in Decision Sciences (Business Statistics) and French, Miami University, May 2004
  • MLIS Candidate (focus on Cataloging), Kent State, August 2011

Current Research

As part of my responsibilities as a Graduate Assistant for SLIS, I work for Dr. Yin Zhang (as well as for CSIR). I am a research assistant for Dr. Zhang and Dr. Athena Salaba's FRBR research project. The project, "FRBR-Based Systems to Effectively Support User Tasks and Facilitate Information Seeking" looks at new ways to arrange information in online library catalogs. More information can be found on the project website.

Related Professional Experience

I was a Marketing Analyst at an advertising agency for two years and at a software company for four years prior to going to graduate school full-time. My responsibilities included creating and deploying email surveys to customers and analyzing survey results. I also analyzed sales data and other quantitative metrics and managed email communication to customers. I used Zoomerang to create email surveys and Mail Dog to create and deploy email campaigns to customers.