Dinner discussions from the 2010 Fall Symposium

Rennie Greenfield - interested in religion, film, and literature; definition of religion and methodology.

Jim Bracken - While at OSU was very active in offering summer seminars on religious literature, propaganda, religious publishing, religious martyrdom. Has some expertise around John Fox's illustrated book on "Acts and Monuments" (?)

Rick Rubin - CSIR needs to collaborate with the KSU library to hold a conference and publish proceedings, create a rare book display on religious books, needs to link with other schools. Look into a co-hosting an ethics conference with JMC. Bracken mentioned something about an NEH grant for $200,000. Contact Jan Leach

David Robins: User systems related to the creation of the sermon repository.

Rosemary Dumont: Getting MA in theology from local seminary, interested in feminist theology.

Nichole Egbert-Scheibelhoffer - Ph.D, professor in school of Communication Studies, interested in religion, father is a minister.

Mitch McKenney - Journalism professor at KSU/Stark Campus, former editor of religious news for Akron Beacon-Journal, interest in how religion is treated/portrayed in the media.

Thomas Froehlich - Ph.D, professor in SLIS/IAKM, interested in religion.