Attendance: Rosemary Dumont, Don Wicks, Dan Roland

Dan demonstrated the wiki site for CSIR, the CSIR web site, and spoke briefly about the Drupal information management platform.

Don shared a letter from an associate professor in History. The email conversation is copied below. This was presented in the context of different scholars interested in collaborating with CSIR.
Perhaps we want to have a reception celebrating the opening of CSIR and invitation to interested scholars.
We could provide some presentations about work we have done to date, e.g., RAILS and CAIS presentation, ATLA bibliography, and a presentation about our vision for CSIR, e.g., could be Don's SSSR presentation.

Do we want to plan a date for an event?
December 4, 2009
Presentation from SSSR event
Send out a campus wide invitation - Jen Kramer can include in CCI Candid newsletter and do publicity
Create a email account
Invite interested parties to submit research questions that could be discussion starters at this event.
How to on setting up a CSIR account

Jen Kramer is in charge of CCI marketing and has 3 students who can help with web site stuff.

Dan thought of applying for an ATLA Publication Grant for seed money to establish a CSIR Journal. Not enough for a course reduction for the journal editor. Could be applied to GA money.

Dean Weardon is interested CSIR and considered ministry early in his career. He is interested in Mass Comm and Religion.
He provided Rosemary with a list of names of potentially interested in scholars.

Next meeting: Monday, October 19, 10:30 a.m., SLIS
  • Progress on web site
  • Preview of SSSR presentations

Professors Bindas and Thyret,
Thanks to both of you for your recent emails in which you express the History Department’s interest in the new Center. I am attaching the part of the proposal we prepared and which became the basis for evaluation of the idea at School, college, and University-wide levels as it went through the approval process. That proposal will give you a good idea of the purposes of the CSIR and some objectives we have set. One of the things we emphasized was that this be a place where interdisciplinary work could happen. Since sending the proposal through the various channels for approval, we have received additional expressions of interest – yours, plus some from Communication Studies and more broadly in our College as well.We welcome your interest!

Isolde, your work on the Eastern orthodox churches of NE Ohio, as you say, is particularly interesting in light of our interest in sermons and, potentially, the role sermons play in dissemination of that culture. Some of your other work might also find expression through the Center – for example, aspects of your work hagiography and cultural change. One of our intentions is to build a depository of sources and data and even presentations to be made available on the CSIR web site. Right now, that web site is up but has only some brief introductory material []. We would be very interested in sitting down with you to explore ideas and see how these could be developed within the context of the Center’s mandate. My colleague, Dan Roland, is out of the state at the moment and will return in a couple of weeks. Thus, when you return in July we will make an appointment.

I look forward to getting together next month.

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