Date: May 20, 2011

Location: Kent State University Student Center

Keynote Speaker: Dr. Brenda Dervin
  • Keynote speech after lunch
  • Meet with CCI and Comm PhD students to discuss methodology
  • Need to coordinate communication about this through Jennifer K

Theme: Religion and Information

Call for Papers
  • Need to send out second call for papers
  • Do we need to add grad students and undergrad students to the call for papers?

Conference Registration
  • Need to add registration function to CSIR web site
  • Angie's organization will handle

Review of paper submissions

  • KSU van - requires driver training - Flo will contact KSU
  • Canton - Grace will look into motels north of the Canton airport

  • Recommend Holiday Inn Express - Grace will see about a block of rooms rate

  • SSSR - mailing list of 1,300 members for $150 for one time use
  • AARA (?)
  • ASA Religion
  • Public Religion Research (?)
  • ATLA and ATLA Ohio - check for list servs
  • Postcards and brochures
    • Include that Dervin will have workshop with doctoral students