Early Professional Development Grant for Dr. Roland

Strategy of presentation of need:

Introduction: I am the primary researcher for CSIR. Funding my research will support CSIR and CSIR will help to sustain my research beyond the life of the grant. Emphasize there is infrastructure in place, although in its early stages, which will help to leverage the grant dollars into long term research for myself and many others. Major bang for the grant buck.

1. Present my research strategy as the analysis of sermons as an influential information product/communication tool in society.
  • Link to Lowry's concept of serendipitous juxtaposition and the exploration for trends in sermons around particular historical moments
  • Link to Shera's social epistemology and the need to catalog social knowledge

2. In order to conduct research, need to collect large quantities of sermons as primary data.
  • Need to have a CSIR GA, MLIS, for full-time (20 hours/week) data entry
  • Need to have tech support for sermon archives and CSIR web site
    • In order to include mp3 recordings, podcasts, video podcasts, etc., to the archives
    • To facilitate conference registration, published papers, links from web site, etc.
    • For annual conference registrations, paper submissions, publications

3. A side benefit of the sermon text archive will be the creation of a research resource of value to researchers around the world and from a variety of disciplines
  • Conduct a survey of scholars to submit with grant application
  • CSIR will facilitate marketing of the archive through publications and conference presentations
  • CSIR will facilitate academic advancement in the study of information and religion by hosting an annual conference that will invite scholars that use the archives and others

4, The annual conference will help to sustain CSIR, which in turn will help to sustain the sermon archives and also then my research beyond the life of the grant.

Budget ideas:

1. Perhaps have Dr. DuMont in charge of the annual conference as in-kind support at 25% of her position
2. Will ask for funding to support the annual conference for three years in order to get it launched
  • Come up with a theme for each year
    • 2012 focus on sermons
    • 2013 social epistemology
    • 2014 religion and children literature
3. Will ask for funding to buy out summers of the Primary Researcher of CSIR so that he might spend time conducting research in the sermon archives